All our products are handcrafted using the best quality fabrics and accessories. Due to the excellent quality of the fabrics only minimal shrinkage may occur. Most fabrics and not prewashed before garment construction but allowances are applied to allow for some shrinkage.


It is recommended that you use a gentle cycle with cold water for washing and a low temperature setting on the dryer. This will minimize shrinkage and extend the life of the fabric. It is also recommended to turn the garment inside out before laundering.


Handwashing and laying flat to dry is always best but not always convenient or practical. If machine laundering the trick is to keep the temperatures low as excessive heat will cause cotton fibers to shrink and lycra/spandex fibers will lose their stretch.


For Minky fabrics, it is recommended that you wash in cool water and dry on a low temperature. Do not use fabric softener and do not iron.


It is important to follow laundering recommendations. Cute Lil Monkeys is not responsible for garments that are harmed by improper laundering.